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The Benefits of Physiotherapy

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The benefits of physiotherapy are extensive, using a holistic approach, we can treat a range of conditions. Ranging from acute post-operative care to ongoing long-term health conditions. In addition to rehabilitative care, physiotherapy can also be incorporated as maintenance and conditioning for those living more active lives.

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This is a list of some, not all, conditions where rehabilitative physiotherapy may benefit your animal. Through aiding in their healing and recovery or supporting them in leading long, comfortable lives. We assist in rehabilitation through minimising pain and improving function and movement.

  • Recovery from injury or surgery

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Neurological Conditions

  • Joint Conditions (OCD, dysplasia)

  • Soft Tissue Injuries (muscle tears, tendon/ligament injuries)

Physiotherapy can also be used to aid in the conditioning and general wellbeing of your animal. For those working or completing, physiotherapy may enhance their performance and reduce injury risk.

Physiotherapy: About


Physiotherapy adopts a holistic approach towards treatment. Working alongside other veterinary professionals, we strive to provide optimum care to all our patients. We are able to ultilise a range of treatment approaches to treat a wide range of conditions.

Physiotherapy: About

Manual Therapies

One of the main components of all treatment approaches are manual therapies. We use our hands to treat your companion, as well as initially performing a general assessment. With our hands we can apply a variety of different massage techniques, myofascial release, stretches and joint mobilisations.

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In addition to our hands, we may evaluate that your animal may also benefit from the involvement of an electrotherapy. These are machines that may aid in relieving pain, supporting healing or improving muscle mass/tone. At AVP, these may include TENS, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, phototherapy and muscle stimulation.

Physiotherapy: About

Remedial Exercise Programmes

To improve function, movement and strength, physiotherapy also employs the use of rehabilitative exercises and exercise regimes. These programmes are tailored towards the individual and are focused towards each animal's own treatment goals, whether this be strengthening their muscles or enhancing their awareness of current movement sequences and improving balance and core strength.

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All treatments are provided based on the patient history received, the assessment findings and clinical reasoning behind the possible treatment techniques. Every animal is different, thus every assessment and treatment is bespoke and tailored to that animal. We aim to develop an optimal treatment plan that benefits all parties. As factors can change during treatment, at AVP, we re-evaluate and reassess to ensure treatment is suitable.

Physiotherapy: About

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